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The Results

Rouse Properties engaged the Leasing Advisory services of BurkeLaTourDern to assist in creating or securing “game changing” culinary concepts that best fit into our Newpark Mall project based upon the specific subject spaces in play and the relevant market demographics. The unique value that BLD provided to us was based upon the varied and extensive background, expertise, and experience of its four principles as developers and owners of highly successful restaurant projects.
— Trey Peckenpaugh, Rouse Properties, Inc.
John’s initial vision and Bob’s refinement of that vision and successful execution resulted in the creation of Forge, an artisan pizza concept that played a significant role in the culinary reimagining of Jack London Square by Ellis Partners.
— Will Miller, Ellis Partners
We engaged Burke LaTour Dern to create a comprehensive strategic plan for the potential development of a portion of our property into an iconic waterfront private event center. Their depth of experience was evident throughout as they created a detailed “road map” for ownership to follow.
— Matthew Semansky, Rogers Family Office
The new Renaissance Reno and Bundox Bocce were pleased to have worked closely with BurkeLaTourDern in creating a very special addition to our city. BLD brought to the table a very unique combination of expertise and, most importantly, “hands-on” experience as hospitality professionals who have developed, owned, and operated themselves many successful food & beverage businesses over the past 30 years.
— Fernando Leal, Renaissance Reno and Bundox Bocce