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BLD, with both a depth and breadth of knowledge, provides inclusive restaurant and hotel investment advisory services, which includes concept development, market feasibility and project financial analysis, capital budgeting, leasing/tenancy negotiations, space planning, marketing/branding services, key personnel search consulting, and staff development programs.


BLD forms collaborative partnership with Design Development Company.

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Every great adventure tells a compelling story that begins with bold choices. Developing a new restaurant concept is a collaborative and iterative process that begins with melding your initiating vision with our astute insight.


Burke LaTour Dern believes in building innovative, enduring restaurant ventures. After conducting comprehensive market research, we collaborate on a roadmap for success and then gather a supporting team of consultants drawn from our individual and collective networks who assist in refining a project’s intention and direction. The result is the realization of your vision in a restaurant that resonates with guests and that is built on a viable financial model.

  • Development overview
  • Project management
  • Space review and programming
  • Supervision of branding and marketing
  • Pre-development oversight



Translating a creative, intrepid concept into a profitable, lasting business model is as much an art as it is a science and requires balancing the risks with balancing the books.


Each of the principals at Burke LaTour Dern is uniquely skilled in understanding how to weigh the connected and sometimes competing needs of the three critical stakeholder groups in every restaurant endeavor: the investors, the customers, and the employees. We are able to assess the feasibility and profitability of a project based on our depth of experience and on the feedback of experts in the industry, and can offer guidance in capital budgeting, operational budgeting, financial analysis, work outs/debt restructuring, investment banking advisory services, asset management, leasing analysis and negotiation, and exit strategies.

  • Capital Budgeting
  • Operating Budgets and Proforma
  • Financial Analysis
  • Workouts/Debt Restructuring
  • Investment Banking Advisory Services
  • Asset Management
  • Leasing Analysis and Negotiation
  • Exit Strategies

Operational Excellence


Every project should be playful in conception, heartfelt in vision, and serious in execution. Burke LaTour Dern marries operational and ownership experience with stakeholder objectives, and a comprehensive approach to developing and implementing a successful operating strategy.


Burke LaTour Dern has the necessary expertise to manage a project’s financial assessment, design direction, strategic development, and talent acquisition. Bob Burke and Tom LaTour have served as Chief Executives at major restaurant companies, learning and honing their astute operating skills through successful trials by fire. John Dern has been an executive at several financial investment companies that serviced the hospitality sector in the San Francisco bay area. Carrie Dern has been an executive in the real estate asset management industry, working with institutional as well as not-for-profit clientele. Together, the partners offer operations support, systems and procedures analysis, management team assessment, hospitality leadership recruitment, and restaurant technology development.

  • Broker Relations
  • Hospitality Leadership Recruitment
  • Lease Analysis & Negotiations
  • Management Team Assessment
  • Operations Support
  • Restaurant Technology
  • Space Review and Programming
  • Systems & Procedures



Burke LaTour Dern offers branding expertise and strategically develops a cohesive story uniting concept, execution, and guest experience.


The extraordinarily successful branding and marketing of restaurant icons such as Postrio, Kuleto’s , and Forge was no accident –  selecting the right experts and then guiding those experts towards a great result is a skill known to few in our profession.

  • Partnership with Branding Experts
  • Management of Website/Collateral
  • Management of PR TEAM
  • Management of Signage Installation
  • In-house Training of Brand Messaging