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With 360° of experience in adding value for all stakeholders involved in a restaurant project, BLD is your advisor in bringing your vision to life – profitably. From concept through operations, you can leverage what we have learned to lay the foundation for success, every step of the way.


Burke LaTour Dern conceives of restaurant properties that are more than position pinpoints on Google Maps. The firm crafts stories that connect meticulous, inventive spaces to exceptional guest experiences. Burke LaTour Dern, built from the collaborative wisdom, insight, and vision of its independently successful partners, reinvents restaurant development and management. We offer clients over 100 years of combined, innovative experience as stakeholders, financiers, operators, and asset managers of iconic and enduring restaurant and hotel properties in San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

Each partner’s expertise is born from a legacy that is mindful of the complexities in the design, building, and execution of luxury restaurant ventures. Simply put, Burke LaTour Dern creates restaurant properties that are both profitable and extraordinary. As intuitive and intelligent entrepreneurs, BLD’s partners are committed to creative, transformative development strategies that increase the value of every square foot of a project for all stakeholders: financiers, developers, landlords, and guests. BLD is passionate about creating an environment that gathers and connects people with the best in food, drink, and play.




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Our team has played a role in creating many ventures over the past 30 years. Some of the success stories can be seen here.